Problem Statement

Social media: How to use it for Digital Marketing

Social media has become the largest platform for any type of digital marketing. Every other day, new platforms are introduced, which are having better features and facilities for the users. For the social media marketer, it is exciting and challenging to use them for marketing. It is very important to stay updated in this field due to constant changes and improvements. New features like live streaming, augmented reality, shopping, social audio keeps on being added to make the platforms more user friendly.

Identify Marketing Goals, Business Objectives and Audience

Do you know your business objectives? It is very important to understand them clearly before you think for using any social media for digital marketing. As the choices are many so it is very important to stay focused which writing your social media marketing goals which are compatible with company objectives.

Audience you want to address? Is it possible to identify the audience

which you want to attract for your business, if yes then it will be easy to identify the social media platforms also which you want to use for digital marketing. So get started with your strategy for marketing on paper and then list out all the social media platforms which you feel will be useful for your business for marketing. You should be aligning your goals with your business’s digital marketing strategy. Through social media and right marketing strategy, it is possible to reach out to customers which will easily connect with your company after they get to know about your products and services sitting at home.


Don’t you think it is important to know who your competitors are? And what social media platforms they are using and what sort of strategies they are following to attract customers. Sometimes you can get fantastic ideas from your competitors and you can use them to market your products in a better way, Exciting, yaa? Social media exploration will help you to check out how your competitors are using the these platforms for the people both nearby and far away as this is a tool in which distance is no longer an obstacle.

Setting up accounts and profiles and relevant content

So, time to set up your social media accounts and creating your business profile. To make the business profile attractive and appealing, there are two things which matter, one is the way information is displays on the social media platform and other is what information is being displayed. Too much and too less content is always a problem. Relevant, concise and content written in simple English is always more useful and goal achiever. But the information which has to be conveyed over social media platform had to useful and should be presented in interesting way. You can be sure that well written and displayed content helps create a impact on a large number of people. One important thing to think here is that, for each profile you have to have a different strategy depending on the audience it targets. It is also important to add relevant keyword in the content to improve visibility of your marketing content on different search engines.

Performance checking, Maintenance and Changing your Strategies

Now all done in first step ! so it is time to move onto do the account audit. You have to check various social media platforms to find out how you are doing and what and where more has to be done. You need to keep on updating the digital marketing ideas, presentation based on the results you are getting. Try taking inspiration and ideas from other social media users where the strategies they have followed are being successful. It is very interesting to find out the statistics related to Why do mostly people follow a particular link on social media? How the content of these links is different from the normal one or how do they manage to compel people to share their content?


Warning: In the world of Social media, everything changes very fast, old platform loose their importance, new platform emerges, business objective changes and marketing strategies had to be modified.
Last Words: Keep exploring, keep improving and you can gain a lot out of it.