Merlyn D3 Robotic Kit-Merlyn TRN-1
At its simplest, it is a robotic kit that helps you design up to 28 different types of fundamental robots, be it a linear moving robot, rotary robotic arm or even a robot with cylindrical axis.If you dig beneath the surface a little, it is a completely modular, electronic, rugged kit that not only allows you to create robots but also helps you add new features to them. This one kit allows a huge array of possibilities to create, control and reconfigure robots—what- ever be the need.

The kit is basically divided into three parts: electronics, which includes microcontrollers, motors and drivers for motors; mechanical part, which com- prises all the axes; and software segment, which controls microcontrollers used in the kit. The kit was premiered at the EFY Expo 2017, held recently in New Delhi, as a project concept for students

Merlyn 1 Img
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