Bomb Disposal Robot
MERLYN D3 Low Cost Modular Bomb Disposal Robot with Flexible Chassis System.
Keeping in view the above target the chassis system was designed and implemented as an eight wheeled independently powered and independently steered vehicle with each wheel having at least four independent degrees of freedom of rotation. Each part can be changed and or replaced with a similar part to affect fast repair in the field.

The internal microprocessor based controller is capable of controlling 32 different operations of the chassis including speed, orientation, direction of motion and torque of the individual motors in the chassis to give it un- parallel mobility and control over the required action. The controller can be fully controlled remotely over a wired connection to the remote or over a wireless connection to the remote.

The software takes care of all the alignment of the motors and thus reduces the workload on the operator. The software is controlled by a Move as You Desire type of joystick controller. This reduces the workload on the operator and reduces the required training drastically. The operator just has to move the joystick in the required direction to be moved.

Bomb Disposal
Key features:-

  • An 8 wheeled independently powered and controlled flexible chassis system was developed capable of flexible motion over obstacles and demonstrated.
  • The system has the potential to move over rough terrain in a flexible way and is capable of stable operation without toppling over was developed and demonstrated to the satisfaction of the client.

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